Regional Mission

In August of 1971 the United States Canine Association became the largest and oldest active organization of it kind. “Ever striving for the Betterment of all Police K-9 Teams.”

Region 4 consists of the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The general Nature of the Objectives and Purposes of this Association:

1. To unite in a common cause all law enforcement agencies utilizing the services of the canine as an aid in the prevention and detection of crime.

2. To promote friendship and brotherhood between all those interested in the training and utilization of the canine in police work.

3. To endeavor to establish a minimum working standard, and improve the abilities of the canine in police work, thereby rendering better service to the community.

4. To establish and maintain a legal assistance fund for acts resulting in civil suits from the use of police trained canines.

5. To coordinate the exchange of any advanced techniques of training of the utilization of police dogs.

6. To improve the image of the working police dog to the populace in general through improved public service in the prevention and detection of crime.

7. To aid and assist those law enforcement agencies making application for information concerning the establishment of canine sections within their respective departments



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